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Relink Bitmaps Interface


Direct Download Relink Bitmaps v2.17







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Autodesk Installer

If you used the Autodesk Installer, then installation is automatic. You can find Relink Bitmaps on your menu under Exchange Store -> Relink Bitmaps.

Autodesk launcher menu

Manual Installation

In 3dsmax:

  1. Scripts -> Run Script and choose the Relink Bitmaps v#.mzp file you downloaded.
  2. Customize -> Customize User Interface
  3. Toolbars tab and select the Category: ColinScripts
  4. Drag Relink Bitmaps to a toolbar

Image of 3dsmax showing how to drag an icon onto a toolbar

Previous Versions

Relink Bitmaps v2.16
Relink Bitmaps v2.15
Relink Bitmaps v2.14
Relink Bitmaps v2.13
Relink Bitmaps v2.12
Relink Bitmaps v2.11


The new version isn’t staying installed

If you’ve updated to the newest version of Relink Bitmaps, but it keeps reverting to the previous version:

  1. Uninstall the Autodesk App version by re-downloading it here.
  2. Run the installer and click the “Uninstall” option shown here.

Autodesk App installer interface

Where does Relink Bitmaps store my settings?

Your settings are saved in your Relink Bitmaps.ini file here:

When I click my Relink Bitmaps icon nothing happens

This is usually because Relink Bitmaps remembers which monitor you had it one when you closed it last. To easily fix this open your Relink Bitmaps.ini file and change x and y saved positions to 0.0

Alternatively you can delete your Relink Bitmaps.ini file and it will be created with defaults.

How do I completely remove Relink Bitmaps?

Delete the file Relink Bitmaps.ini file and Relink Bitmaps/ folder here:

How do I run Relink Bitmaps on a folder of max files?

If you want to batch Relink Bitmaps from the command line, or over a series of max files in a directory you’ll want to pair these instructions with Paule Neale’s excellent ‘Batch It Max’ script found here:

You’ll want to create a new maxscript file to run on each scene:

-- file example

-- Get the path to the Relink Bitmaps.mse file
relinkBitmapsFile = (getDir #userscripts) + "\\Relink Bitmaps\\Relink Bitmaps.mse"

-- Import the file and all the functions
fileIn relinkBitmapsFile

-- This will open Relink bitmaps which will load the necessary functions
createDialog rlt_RelinkBitmaps 300 545

-- To search the folders 'C:\Textures' and 'D:\Maps\Scene1' for missing textures and all subfolders this is what you would run:
sceneRelinkBitmaps #(@"C:\Textures", @"D:\Maps\Scene1") ignoreCase:true ignoreExtension:false recursive:true undoOn:false lowMemory:false allMaps:false

-- Close the Relink Bitmaps window

Run this file using ‘Batch It Max’ over the folder of max files.

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